Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt

Co-founder - ESTI

Margot is the co-founder of ESTI – the Eco System Thinking Institute – and is specialized in the human factor in open innovation. Margot’s career is characterized by the start-ups of organizations like Packard Bell Europe, Intermec EMEA, Emergency One and applied research institute Holst Centre.
Margot has a background in Human Resources, Business Economics and Communications.
Margot was involved in these organizations from the start on an MT-level. At the start-up of the Holst Centre in 2005, Margot developed a specific HR-strategy to let technical talent flourish in open innovation. Margot lives and breathes human centricity.
After 5 years Holst Centre had been built up to 240 international talents, she set up the OpenSme program for niche markets by SME-companies. She is the creator of the EcoSystem Game®™, a game to learn the inner workings of ecosystems by experiencing it.
She has brought her knowledge and experience about ecosystem thinking and open innovation to many other fields than just high tech.

Writing novels and poetry under pseudonym Emma Flogard is her great escape.


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