Brian Vlastakis

Lead Quantum Research & Development - Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC)

Brian leads hardware research at Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) striving to overcome the big challenges in scalable quantum computation.

Originally from the United States, Brian moved to the UK in 2017 where he has served as a research fellow at the University of Oxford focusing in superconducting quantum circuits. Previously a research staff scientist for IBM, Brian helped develop their large-scale quantum computing platform. He was also a part of the founding team for the ‘IBM Quantum Experience’, the first publicly-accessible quantum computer.

Brian received his PhD in experimental physics at Yale University with work that showed the largest ‘Schrodinger cat states’ to date using microwave photons. Since moving to the UK, Brian has enjoyed running (slowly) through the muddy trails along the Thames and is a self-proclaimed transit nerd.


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