Glass Entrance
Mont des Arts
B-1000 Brussels

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Travelling to SQUARE

Situated on the imposing Mont des Arts with a broad vista over Brussels, SQUARE sits in the historical and cultural heart of the city, very close to the centre of European government.

There are two public car parks with over 1700 parking spaces.

Parking Albertine is the closest car park and is situated underneath SQUARE with direct access to the venue from the inside.

Both car parks are accessible 24H and both have recharging facilities for electric cars.

For direct access from the car park, please go to level -3 and follow the directions to SQUARE. This route provides direct elevator access. A short walk away is the Grand Place car park which is conveniently placed midway between SQUARE and the UNESCO world Heritage site of the Grand Place…

Parking Albertine #1 - Place de la Justice 16, 1000 Brussels

Parking Albertine #2 - Rue des Sols 3 Brussels

Brussels Airport is a speedy 17 minutes by train from the Central Station, stopping at the European Institutions on the way. At peak times, 6 trains run every hour and from the Central Station, which is only three minutes walk to SQUARE.

Brussels Airport - Leopoldlaan, 1930 Zaventem

The Central Station of Brussels is a short walk across the Mont-des-Arts public gardens. All main tram, bus, metro and train lines converge here, as well as the fast train from Brussels International Airport. Train routes to every part of Belgium run from the same station which includes the cities of Antwerp, Brugge, Charleroi, Gent, Mons and Liège.

  1. Metro lines 1 and 5, tram lines 38, 63, 65, 86

  2. Bus lines 29, 48, 66, 71, 86, N06, N08, N09, N10, N11

  3. Bus lines 48 and 95

  4. Bus lines 38, 71, N06, N08, N09, N10, N11, N12

  5. Trams 92 and 93

The Brussels bicycle network is well marked on all routes around the city and cycling is encouraged as a great way for visitors to discover the city. In the mornings and evenings you will see many cyclists on their way to and from work on two wheels.

Cycling is permitted on all routes in both directions, even on one-way streets for vehicles. Just look out for the signs with "Excepte / Uitgezonderd" with a picture of a bike.

You can rent bicycles throughout Brussles using the "Villo" service, with many stations to collect and drop off your rental bicycle. There are two stations within 2 minutes walk from SQUARE. Visit the Villo website for more details.

Even though SQUARE is a large meeting and convention center, the venue put a lot of energy in making all their rooms accessible to everyone. No matter where you want to go inside SQUARE, we will show the way.

There are four entrances providing easy access for people with mobility issues. There is a detailed map on the SQUARE website (link above) for more detail.

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